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Motion P 3px (Twin Mic) digital hearing aid

Rs. 99,990/- Rs. 85,000/-

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Motion P 3px (Twin Mic) digital hearing aid

24 Channel Motion P 3px BTE models offer true binaural capabilities.Suitable for Mild to Severe hearing Loss. Fully featured, it provide almost all options to cover any individual need. Third generation e to e wireless and non-rechargeable. Directional microphones to ensure the best possible binaural listening performance. Tinnitus noiser. Optional Direct audio input. Open fitting done using thin tube. Fitting range upto 110dB. Gain upto 77dB. Battery Size 13. Power consumption 1.1-1.3mA. Digital Technology. Output upto 135dBSPL. IP 67 Standard. Rocker Switch. 6 hearing programs. 24 Channel Directionality. Speech Focus. TrueEar Frequency Compression. eWindscreen. Noise reduction with speech and noise management. Sound brilliance. 6 Sound equilizer. Remote controlled. Optional Touch Control App for self controlling. Nano coated housing.

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