Booking disclaimer

Terms and Conditions for online appointment: Audiomety, Tympanometry, BERA (ABR), ASSR, OAE, ENG, ECOGH, Tests in Kolkata

1. Online booking does not guarantee booking confirmation.  After receiving your booking details our representative will call you in your specific telephone number  within a day in working hours ( Monday to Friday  10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 3 pm)). And after discussing with you final appointment will be made. If no contacts made with you then online appointment will be cancelled.

2. All high end Audiological tests like B.E.R.A (A.B.R), A.S.S.R, O.A.E etc and Vestibular tests like E.N.G., CALORIC, ECOGH, VEMP, GLYCEROL tests requires pre-conditions to be maintained by the patient before testing. Please get details by calling us at 033 25300175 (North Kolkata ) and 033 24240188(South Kolkata)  for more details.

3. After getting confirmed appointment from us please pay according to our charges for the selected tests. Please see testing charges in ‘Test’ Menu.

4. Authority reserved sole right to cancel any appoint due to special cause without prior information to the patient.

5. Except high end audiological tests and vestibular tests all other reports deliver instantly on same day. For high end audiological and vestibular tests reports ask our professional after testing.