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About us: Hearing Aid Center in Kolkata

About us : We are leading hearing hearing aid dealer in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We deal latest quality digital hearing aids (programmable) of all brands like SIEMENS, GN RESOUND, DANAVOX, WIDEX, OTICON, BERNAFON, SONIC, PHONAK,  STARKEY, ALPS, and others foreign and Indian hearing aid brands. We have number of units to sell hearing aids in Kolkata and in several districts in West Bengal. We  have employed 8 qualified Audiologists, 9  hearing technicians & other related hearing aid professionals. We are one of oldest hearing aid center in Kolkata West Bengal. We dispense standard quality digital hearing aids of all models like small tiny invisible hearing aids, behind the ear hearing aids, completely in canal hearing aids, body worn hearing aids, receiver in canal hearing aids, tinnitus masker type hearing aids, wireless hearing aids, android (i-phone) connectivity hearing aids, rechargeable hearing aids, water resisistant hearing aids, telephone supporting hearing aids, clear sound generating and speech understandable hearing aids. We have all hearing testing facilities like Pure Tone Audiometry [Standard & High Frequency (upto 12 kHz)], Immittance Audiometry [Tympanometry (Low/High both) & Acoustic/Stapedial Reflexometry], Speech Audiometry (SRT/SDS or WRS/SAT/MCL/UCL/DR/Rollover-Ratio), Special Tests (SISI, TDT, ABLB), AC & BC BERA/ABR (Standard/Frequency Specific) [for Neurodiagnosis & Threshold Estimation], ECochG, TE/DP/Spontaneous OAEs (Diagnostic/Screening), ASSR (FM, AM or combination of both)/ Multi-ASSR, ENG, VNG, VEMPs (c-VEMPs/o-VEMPs), SVV, HIT, E.Tube Dysfunction Test (for Intact & Perforated T.M), Audiological Tinnitus Matching/Masking, Water Caloric Test, Glycerol Test, Speech-Language Therapy, Voice Therapy etc. We provide custom hearing aid ear mould (soft/hard) with sound protection ear plugs of custom made. We are one and only Approved Partner of Siemens Hearing Instruments Pvt., Ltd. in Kolkata West Bengal India. Our hearing aid price ranges starts from low price hearing aid to high price hearing aids. All prices ranges of hearing aids of all reputed hearing aid brands are available here readily. Customized invisible Siemens hearing aids with standard features and computerized hearing fitting are also provided. Non-computerized hearing aids of all the hearing aid brands are also readily available. We accept all types of payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Cash as well as foreign currencies. We also provide hearing aid users to buy or purchase hearing aids Online through our portal. We accurately follow up post hearing aid fitting solutions. Our aim is to provide quality hearing aids without cutting or discounting service. As per manufacturer we also provide free service guarantee / warranty to the hearing aid users. Hearing aid users complain in solved on timely basis and corrective measures taken on time to avoid all kinds of hearing aid fitting disputes. For senior citizen – in some cases we provide home dispensing service facility. Children hearing aid with special fitting for inborn deaf mute child are set by qualified hearing aid fitting professionals. Our mission is to generate maximum number of employment providing quality services to the hearing aid users. As our social responsibility we attend several awareness camp organized in certain interval in our surrounding areas. Also as special case we provide certain no of hearing aids to the poor hearing aid users in every year. – See more at: http://kolkatahearing.com/about-us/why-shrobonee/#sthash.txNpBJKy.dpuf